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Wonderful Pink Kitchen Decor Vintageretro Kitchens A Girl Can Dream To Be Black Decor Kitchen Wonderful Pink

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Design tips!


HARMONY OF CLOSE FLOWERS. The simplest but really working method to create a harmonious color scheme in the room is to combine close colors. For example, several shades of green. To the interior does not look monotonous, add a few prints to it.


UNFairly FORGOTTEN CEILINGS. A non-standard step that can radically transform the space - increased attention to the design of the ceiling. Most often they forget about it. For example, a black ceiling instead of the usual white will make the room exclusive.

Third advice:

FIND A SOURCE OF INSPIRATION FOR DECORATION. When choosing the direction in which to move, choosing a decor, we recommend that you forget the concept of "style". A more reasonable step would be to search for sources of inspiration, images that I would like to see in the interior. Ideas can be gleaned from paintings, films, music. For example, a room decorated in the spirit of the famous film "Breakfast at Tiffany's" will look interesting.

Fourth tip:

NUMBER OF ORNAMENTS - Odd. The rule that most professional decorators adhere to is that the number of ornaments in the room should be odd, and their pattern should be different. Floral patterns are in harmony with geometric prints, and rich ornaments are best combined with neutral ones.