Wonderful Pink Kitchen Decor purple and pink kitchen colors adding retro vibe to modern Decor Pink Wonderful Kitchen

Wonderful Pink Kitchen Decor Purple And Pink Kitchen Colors Adding Retro Vibe To Modern Decor Pink Wonderful Kitchen

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Design tips!


DARK TONES - NOT ONLY FOR BIG ROOMS. A small room, dominated by dark tones, looks no worse than light. Conversely, saturated colors dominate the boundaries of space, diverting attention from its modest size.


CHOOSE ONE OF THREE PRINCIPLES OF FURNITURE SETUP. Everyone knows that it is better to refuse to place furniture along the walls. But what are the alternatives? The first option is a symmetrical arrangement, that is, around a certain point in the room (for example, the center of a room or window). The second is asymmetric, that is, not amenable to logic. The third is a circular arrangement, which differs from symmetrical in that the reference point may be a minor interior detail. For example, a chandelier or drawing on the carpet.

Third advice:

DISCLAIMER OF AGGRESSIVE FORMS AND COLORS. Most professional decorators are of the opinion that the main and necessary characteristics of a living space are comfort and a relaxing atmosphere. It is better to create a corner of calm in the house than to opt for aggressive shapes and colors.

Fourth tip:

COLOR NUANCES THAT MATTER. The generally accepted opinion is that all colors are divided into two groups - warm and cold. But in reality, every color, even white, can refer to one or the other group. It all depends on its shade. The same white can have a cold bluish tone (for example, both the color of the snow) and warm brownish (ivory).