Wonderful Pink Kitchen Decor make your life colorful pink kitchencute!!! Decor Pink Wonderful Kitchen

Wonderful Pink Kitchen Decor Make Your Life Colorful Pink Kitchencute Decor Pink Wonderful Kitchen

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Design tips!


EACH ROOM IS A SPACE FOR A SPECIFIC PURPOSE. In the process of decorating, it is important to remember that any room is a shell of space and time, designed to achieve a specific goal. Decor, like design, should fit this space - match the way people live in it.


UNFairly FORGOTTEN CEILINGS. A non-standard step that can radically transform the space - increased attention to the design of the ceiling. Most often they forget about it. For example, a black ceiling instead of the usual white will make the room exclusive.

Third advice:

REMEMBER MIRRORS. A mirror is not only a reflective surface, which will help to make sure that everything is in order with the appearance. It is also a decor that has almost magical properties. Mirrors visually increase the space, make it brighter, airier and more refined. Decorators never forget this in the process.

Fourth tip:

ART OBJECT OWN HANDS. If you have an artistic flair, it’s quite possible to do an interesting thing that claims to be the subject of art on your own. It can be a collage from your own photos, a picture, a poster or a sculpture from papier-mâché. Make your work the visual center of the room by placing it on a pedestal. If the necessary creative skills are missing, then get a ready-made art object. True, this pleasure is not cheap. The art object will make the interior unique and free from the need to purchase numerous small decor.