Wonderful Pink Kitchen Decor decoration and ideas pink kitchen decoration Decor Pink Kitchen Wonderful

Wonderful Pink Kitchen Decor Decoration And Ideas Pink Kitchen Decoration Decor Pink Kitchen Wonderful

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Design tips!


CARPET ON THE CARPET. One large carpet in a room may look a bit old-fashioned. But such a non-standard decor method as placing several small rugs on it will enliven the atmosphere. We recommend paying attention to models with large patterns or embroidery.


PRECISE TEXTILE CALCULATIONS. If high-quality textiles are chosen for interior decoration, a purchase with a large margin can be a real test for a wallet. Therefore, it is better to calculate the exact amount of tissue in advance. A solid supply is necessary in cases where textiles with a large pattern are selected (after all, it will be necessary to combine details), as well as in the absence of confidence in the professionalism of the sewing master. Do not forget to include the fringe and frills in the calculations, of course, if they are provided.

Third advice:

OBJECTS ON THE WALL - A WELCOME ALTERNATIVE TO A HABITY WALL DECOR. Volumetric objects on the wall, whether it is a collection of plates brought from travel, or animal figures, will be a great alternative to paintings or posters. This decor, decorated in panels, looks more than original.

Fourth tip:

WINDOW DECOR FOR RULES. Competent window decoration is able to cope not only with aesthetic, but also with practical tasks. So, if you hang the cornice 5-10 cm above the window opening, then visually the height of the window will increase. In a similar way, you can increase the width of the opening. To do this, choose a cornice, the length of which on each side of the window is 10-25 cm longer than necessary. Such techniques will not only increase the window, but also visually make the room more spacious and brighter.