Remarkable Minimalist Bedroom 2020 in advance of the 2020 olympics a mini hotel boom in Minimalist Bedroom 2020 Remarkable

Remarkable Minimalist Bedroom 2020 In Advance Of The 2020 Olympics A Mini Hotel Boom In Minimalist Bedroom 2020 Remarkable

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Design tips!


CLASSICAL RULE OF THREE. Items collected in a composition of three should differ in three ways - shape, color and size. For example, you should not put three identical photos on the mantelpiece. It is preferable to choose a photo, a vase and a book as a decor - objects that differ in each other according to all the mentioned signs.


ROUGH TEXTURES - UNIVERSAL UTILIZERS. If the room does not seem cozy enough, then for sure it lacks decor with a complex rough texture. It can be wicker baskets, a knitted blanket, a fur rug, a lamp with many faces.

Third advice:

COZY MULTILAYER. The interiors, in which all things are hidden in the closets, look cold and uninhabited. An easy way to give them comfort is to use multi-layer decorative compositions. There can be many options: from a pile of bright magazines on a coffee table to a folded blanket on which lies a pair of pillows.

Fourth tip:

PRINCIPLE OF SWING FOR FURNITURE SETTING. High furniture in the interior should be adjacent to the lower, so that the view slides up and down, as if along the path of the swing. By the way, this principle is also relevant for small interior details, for example, decor. If things of the same size are placed nearby, then the interior will seem overloaded in some areas and empty in others.