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Living Room Furniture Ideas Small Living Room Furniture Ideas Living Room Designs Room Furniture Living Ideas

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Design tips!


TEXTILE SETS MOOD. If the design of the room does not produce the expected effect emotionally, then change the textiles in it. This is the most affordable way to change the atmosphere of a living space.


NEUTRAL DARK TONES - "CHAMELEONS". At first glance, neutral saturated tones, for example, dark gray, look boring. But in fact, with different lighting, they change color. So, dark gray in the morning will appear bluish, and at sunset it will have a purple hue.

Third advice:

DROP, LUXURY, ALWAYS RELEVANT. Even if a minimalist style is chosen for decoration, there is a place for a couple of luxurious details in it. Large items, for example, a sofa or a carpet, should not play their role at all. To save money, you can order tailoring of covers from high-quality textiles on pillows or furniture.

Fourth tip:

LITERATURE CHOICE OF LUMINAIRES TO THE KITCHEN OR LIVING ROOM. The kitchen or living room is not only the usual parts of the living space, but also the premises where friendly or family gatherings take place. Therefore, competent lighting is especially important here. Do not hang the lights too low, otherwise they make a depressing impression. The optimal distance from the chandelier to the countertop is about 80-90 cm with a standard ceiling height. It is also better to opt for fixtures whose width is from a third to half the width of the countertop.