Living Room Furniture Ideas modern furniture 2014 luxury living room furniture Room Furniture Living Ideas

Living Room Furniture Ideas Modern Furniture 2014 Luxury Living Room Furniture Room Furniture Living Ideas

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Design tips!


ORDER MANDATORY FOR A COLLECTOR. The best advice for collectors of medium-sized things, whether cat figurines or pebbles of an unusual shape, is to keep them grouped in one place, and not randomly placed around the room. Chaos from little things can spoil even a very decent interior.


EXPERIMENTS WITHOUT FEAR. It often happens that things in reality do not look like in the picture. But such a discrepancy should not become a cause for grief. On the contrary, take it as a pleasant challenge that encourages improvisation.

Third advice:

NEW LIFE OF OLD THINGS. The abundance of old things in the house is a characteristic that speaks of the interior from a negative side. But you should not completely abandon them. Connect your imagination, and among the things that seem to have served their purpose long ago, there will certainly be something interesting. Some can be used in the interior in its original form, while others will have to be painted, upholstered or decorated with decoupage. The main thing is to strive to see hidden opportunities in old things.

Fourth tip:

CARPET OF RIGHT SIZES - WHAT IS IT? Too small or large carpet can disrupt the proportionality of the interior. Therefore, professional decorators are guided by a number of rules when choosing a carpet. The carpet under the dining table should be wide enough so that the rear legs of the retracted chairs are on it. Under the bed, it is necessary to place a mat protruding from under it by 40-60 cm. Otherwise, getting out of bed, you have to step on your feet on a cold floor. Another important point: regardless of the size of the room, the carpet should not come close to its walls. If the room is large, then 30-45 cm of floor remains free from the carpet, small - up to 20 cm.