Living Room Furniture Ideas modern furniture 2014 luxury living room furniture Room Furniture Ideas Living

Living Room Furniture Ideas Modern Furniture 2014 Luxury Living Room Furniture Room Furniture Ideas Living

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Design tips!


DO NOT BE AFRAID OF ERRORS. Without bold experiments, not a single outstanding interior was created. Better to make a mistake and fix it, than miss the opportunity to achieve impressive results in the decoration.


NEW LIFE OF OLD THINGS. The abundance of old things in the house is a characteristic that speaks of the interior from a negative side. But you should not completely abandon them. Connect your imagination, and among the things that seem to have served their purpose long ago, there will certainly be something interesting. Some can be used in the interior in its original form, while others will have to be painted, upholstered or decorated with decoupage. The main thing is to strive to see hidden opportunities in old things.

Third advice:

NUMBER OF ORNAMENTS - Odd. The rule that most professional decorators adhere to is that the number of ornaments in the room should be odd, and their pattern should be different. Floral patterns are in harmony with geometric prints, and rich ornaments are best combined with neutral ones.

Fourth tip:

ART OBJECT OWN HANDS. If you have an artistic flair, it’s quite possible to do an interesting thing that claims to be the subject of art on your own. It can be a collage from your own photos, a picture, a poster or a sculpture from papier-mâché. Make your work the visual center of the room by placing it on a pedestal. If the necessary creative skills are missing, then get a ready-made art object. True, this pleasure is not cheap. The art object will make the interior unique and free from the need to purchase numerous small decor.